My background ... I am from many places.

Born in the United States, Jessica D Perez still found herself living in Germany and Canada for 17 years.

At the age of 14, her and a sister with her mom and step dad moved to Germany as a part of her parents work. It was here she attended the Frankfurt International School (FIS) in Oberursel, Germany. There she earned an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma with a focus in Art. It was during her time she learned the oil techniques and understanding of Art History and the impact art has on culture and expression. With a bit of bouncing around after graduation to Baltimore in 2001 and then back to Germany 2002 ... she married and began a career outside of the arts, working for the U.S. Consulate. With her travels around Europe and cultural integration of the German lifestyle, she picked up the language and continues to speak both English and German today. After a divorce, another return to the United States, she took on motherhood with her second husband before their move to Canada. With the birth of the third child it was clear that the arts were a part of her passion for life and so Jessica embarked on her debut as an artist in Ottawa in 2014. Since University and formal arts education were always out of reach financially, she has taken it upon herself to read, meet artists, experiment in the studio and practice daily to improve her understanding of producing art. She has participated and help promote Art Battle in Ottawa and occasionally Montreal. She has since participated in various events, Vernissages, media projects and produced multiple series of paintings. She has sold most of her work through snowballing word of mouth and social media attention on Facebook and Instagram. The family spent two years in Montreal priori to returning to the United States in 2019, where she and the family reside today. With the Mask Project taking over the momentum as COVID 19 affected her introduction to New Hampshire, Jessica D Perez is now building her art business once again.