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Jessica Perez is a landscape artist rendering works from excursions outdoors. During her time she explores nature, she paints 'en plein air' and seeks compositions for creating in the studio. The paintings in studio aim to stimulate the feeling of standing on that location, experiencing a glimpse of rare  light or the feeling of introspection we experience in natural places. 

Landscapes are the main repertoire but Jessica has taken her skill set to uniquely honour the front line, essential and everyone who does their part to keep each other safe during the COVID 19 Pandemic. You can learn more about the project on The  Mask Project tab. 

You can explore the existing works for sale, peer into the Gallery of her works and contact her for commission requests. Commissions include any subject including portraits, landscapes, or reach out to see if your custom request can be included. 


You can find out where to catch the artist at art show events, demos or more when you click on the Events tab.  

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