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First Edition !

Book Cover Frist edition.png

The First Edition of The Mask Project has been published !

This first book of the project is a preview of how the project has been unfolding. This first edition includes all of the first drawings made when the project first made its debut in April 2020 during the COVID 19 Pandemic. These first drawings are the foundation of what is becoming a true charitable effort to honour everyone who does their part to keep each other safe. From frontline and essential workers to every day people who submit photos of themselves in masks, and some tell their stores. 

When the project completes at the readiness of a vaccine a FINAL edition will be printed to encompass everything that can be captured in history during the project's growth. You can still be a part of this by submitted to The Mask Project. Submit a photo and a statement about your COVID experience, showing us how you do your part to help keep each other safe. Email the artist HERE.

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