Current Works for Sale

Rushing River


Oil on canvas

36x48 in

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Oil painting on stretched canvas. 36x48in

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Limited Edition

Limited 10 to each painting

Each will be printed on canvas & manually embellished for texture.


Commissions & Live Events

Where you decide the painting.

Jessica enjoys the energy of painting at live events or making custom art for her customers.  Commissions are an easy way to get a painting of a subject matter of your choice.  Jessica makes the artwork just for you.  Read more about the commission process and request a quote below.  

Now Offering Mural Commissions

Starting rate of $12.50 per square foot, plus $450 a day labor fee (9 hours).  Each design sketch is $100 and $75-$100 change fee after work has started.  

Commission Painting Process

Please note that shipping is NOT included in the cost of the commission. The estimated shipping cost will be calculated prior to shipping and can be requested at the quote so the customer can be prepared. The shipping costs must be paid before shipment can occur. 

Step 1

Submit the request form attached and provide as much information as possible, include a photograph if necessary. Provide information such as time frame (when you need it by or if there is no deadline) as well as the medium of choice. 

Acrylic dries faster and can work with tight deadlines.  Oil dries slower, gives the artist time to make an exceptional product.

Step 2

Jessica will provide a quote in regards to the painting size and complexity of the subject request via email. When the quote is approved by the customer, the Jessica will request a start deposit. 

Step 3

A Start deposit ($100 or 50% of quote depending on size) is required to be paid by customer before Jessica begins. This assures Jessica your intent is serious and the artist incentive to begin a painting. 

Step 4

Jessica will provide an underpainting for composition approval by the customer. When this is approved she will keep going. If there are significant changes, a second deposit may be required. (communicate with Jessica regularly to avoid major changes and extra costs). 

Step 5

Half way through the painting progress (underpainting approved and next layer of paint being applied) a payment of up to 50% of quote, minus deposit, is required. (a numeric example will be provided). This allows Jessica to continue to be paid to work as well as replenish materials needed during the process.

Step 6 (FINAL)

Final painting image will be provided. The painting will be set to dry. For Acrylic, this will be 1 -2 days, for oil this will be 3 - 6 months if requesting a varnish seal (highly recommended). It is NOT recommended to have an oil painting shipped when not dry enough on the surface. This will cause the painting to get damaged and cannot be replaced without extra costs.  The painting will be ready for shipment and customer will pay the final payment of quote (and added costs that incur during the process depending on the customer changing the image or details). The painting will NOT be shipped without final payment. 

Past Event Photos

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