Dear visitor, 


This is a letter from me (the artist) to you.


Many times I have debated the best way to show my art on this website, and to show my value as an artist in that way ... but I have come to realize something. 

It's no longer just about the Art and a white display case of a well designed color on canvas. Its more than that. Its what's behind that work. It's about the artist. We see that with Banksy and his social interaction with modern issues, Van Gogh and his life's work started as a starting failure to only later be recognized as become the most famous painter in the world, to Pollock who delved into artwork that displayed his character in abstract form and pushing the envelope of expression.


Social media is the newest element to Galleries. Social media has become a vast network. Its the new website, the method of communicating, working and being involved. Its where the action is ! So instead of using a website as yet - another - thing to update constantly, Im going to let you get to know me. So take a gander, see a few images of my work and the things you learn. I will be working on this site to give you a reference in who I am as an artist, a woman, a mother, and a human being. The things that drive me, inspire me and the reason that I feel connecting with you - will be wonderful.

I work at a pace that is on par with my lifestyle. I have a family and one hell of an energy to seek our painting experiences and lessons that will undoubtedly give me skill sets for future projects. The inspiration isn't a problem here.  So much of my work is sold, so that ready to hang portfolio goes quick. Instead of developing a shop, contact me and see what I can do for you.


There may be available pieces in my studio, please just ask! I paint and draw and create daily so there's always more to come. Commissions are popular. In reality, if you're curious to stay on top of what I develop in my studio or en plain air, by all means - follow me on social media! The Facebook and Instagram buttons at the top will get you there.  

Thank you so much for your patience while I build this site !

Here are some of my favourite pieces from recent years to give you a micro example of what's out i the world hanging on walls of homes and offices. 

"Front Royal Triptych" en plein air 3x 24x36in oil on canvas. 

"The Kettle" from life all prima 24x36 oil on panel. 

"Doorknob" 9 x 12in oil on panel. From life alla  prima.