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Meet Jessica

My name is Jessica D Perez. My work as an artist is both conceptual and landscape. In general, I enjoy color theory, but also how the environment and the world impacts our lives. 

Artist Statement

I am an artist but I am also a student of the environment around me. My goal is to capture the magic of nature and relationships of paint, but also to express the conflicts of protecting the environment we share. I have traveled Europe and north America over the last 15 years exploring the different cultures and scenery. I have engaged in political protests and captured events on canvas to show my support for humanity and environmental awareness. Studying art my entire life, I first learned how to oil paint from my grandmother in Alaska at 8 years old. I was accepted, attended via a scholarship, The Maryland Institute College of Art, 2001. I’ve shown work in Germany, Canada and throughout the United States. I took a break while I had three children and then returned to the arts two years ago. My goal is to widen the appreciation of the arts and involve the communities in celebrating local artists. I also want to use the arts to encourage conversation on matters of the environment, homelessness, community and encourage the strengthening of our society.